Corona Chronicles: Missive 3

Ok, so day 3. Where to begin?  I guess I'll admit that today I was the most depressed yet.  It's not so much that reality set in as it is that if this is our new reality, I will never be able to keep up.  Can't keep up with its demands on my time, internet-accessible devices, diminishing stores of patience (and food...and toilet paper).  So that took a toll mentally.  But that was nothing compared to how I felt after I listened to a radio call-in show with two infectious disease doctors.  Everyone who called in had good, relevant questions.  Every single response was basically, "Good question.  Well, we don't really know the answer."  And that was from the experts!
So now that we're stuck in the middle of nowhere, "#AloneTogether" with no end in sight, I decided it would be a good time to focus on the positive.  Here goes:
  1. I finally got DH to bring up the ladder so I could change the light bulb in our den (it's about a 14' ceiling).  So I found the last highly specialized, not cheap light bulb for this particular light, climbed up there, and got the job done!  (A few hours later it blew again, but I'm not gonna let that diminish my accomplishment.) 
  2. I've come to the exciting realization that while my regular life was not that interesting, it reads like a James Bond novel compared with my current existence.  
  3. I have reached Level 5100 in Wordscapes, with over 200,000 Brilliance Points.  This may be meaningless to you, but trust me, with all the cheating it took to get me there, this is quite an accomplishment.
  4. My kids are really cute.  Especially when they run wet and naked from the shower to their bedrooms, back to the shower, back to their bedrooms, back to the shower, back to their bedrooms.  I wouldn't even care that they're getting the floors wet and themselves dirty if I just understood why. WHY????? Are you chasing each other?  Is it a race?  JUST TELL ME WHY!!!!
  5. I've been going through some of my old college papers.  It turns out I was a genius!  That was 20 years ago.  Alas. 
  6. The goldfish that my daughter inadvertently got as a party favor a few weeks ago is happily(?) swimming in our kitchen, shockingly still alive.  More on Goldie later, but she's a trooper.
And that's it.  Sorry, that's all I've got.  I dug deep, but these are tough times.  Gotta take your strength where you can.  I'm sure there will be more zany misadventures to share tomorrow, but until then, wishing you good luck, good night, and good health.

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