Corona Chronicles: Missive 8

As I've mentioned before, I've had too much time to think during these long days.  So I decided to give my brain a break from all the depressing news and focus on purely irrational fantasies.  
For instance, I've been pretending that I am actually living through an action movie, starring me.  Obviously, Coronavirus is the villain, and I guess I'm the protagonist?  I'm not quite sure what my goal is in this movie, and also I should mention that there's not really any violence, gunplay or, you know, action.  It's more of a psychological thriller: the drama of who can get on line first at the supermarket; car chases on empty highways like Daniel Craig in an Aston Martin, except it's me in a minivan and no one's chasing me.  Riveting stuff.  
Anyway, I hope you'll stay home for the debut, streaming on all services later this summer.  Working Title: Lockdown: Corona. Tagline: Masking Up and Living it Down.
DVD extras: Handwashing Music video, Director's Cut featuring extended disinfecting scenes, Q & A with the good folks at Clorox and Big Pharma.  
So, I'm gonna hang out here with my delusions (and also, probably go bake some cookies), but I'll be wishing you good luck, good night, and good health!

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