Corona Chronicles: Missive 18

Today, something happened that made me really happy and a bit sad. 

Today, someone went really far out of their way to be nice to me.  This was a woman who did not owe me, know me, or have any obligation to show me.  She rose to the occasion, went above and beyond—all the cliches, except in this case, they were all true.  And the amazing part is, not once did she make me feel like she was doing me a favor, or that I was asking her for too much.   

So that is what made me happy.  But what made me just a little sad was that I was so surprised by her kindness.  I was so taken aback by her patience and generosity, that I had to wonder: is my default setting just to expect the worse in others?  Am I taking it for granted that peoples’ baseline is to be mean?  Is my perception the reality?  Even worse, does that reflect how I behave?  How can I change that right now

I had a long, tiring car ride home to think about this.  And when I walked in the door to a mess, two kids not doing their homework, two kids fighting, one baby walking around with a VERY stinky diaper, and one husband, passed out on the couch, my first (natural) inclination was to yell, punish, and blame.  But then I thought about how much better it would be to have kindness be my second inclination—especially towards the people I love the most.  And I did change my behavior and our family had a great evening. 

So I guess two things happened today that made me really happy.  And I’m ready to try even harder tomorrow. 

Until next time, wishing you good night, good luck, and good mental health!

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