Corona Chronicles: Missive 16

Hi friends.  It's been a long time since we've connected through the Corona Chronicles.  Since our last missive, I've been filling out a lot of forms for tests, school, and end-of-year stuff. 

And that got me thinking: Remember when filling out information sheets was fun?  When it was first grade and the questions were like: "What's your favorite color?" "Which type of cookie do you like best?" (And we always felt so smart, because we knew "which do you like best" was just another way of our teacher saying "what is your favorite," but ok.) We felt so important, filling out forms.  So we answered those important questions: "Pink."  "Chocolate chip." Those were our responses, and through them--our favorite hues, our dearly-loved treats--we were known.  

But of course, we grow up, and alas, things get complicated.  Now, to be known, we have to fill out different kinds of forms, and they don't manage to make us feel very important or special at all.  "What is your insurance company?  What is your group ID number?  What is your member ID number?" Wait!!! That's something different??? Where am I supposed to find another number I'm not even sure exists?  Can't I just write "pink"?

I get it. Forms.  Bureaucracy.  We might hate it, but we need it.  But wouldn't it be fun, maybe just once in a while, if we had to fill out an interesting form, a quick checklist so that whoever mattered to us could collect it and say, "Oh thank you for that information.  So wonderful to know you love chipotle potato chips and credit at HomeGoods is your preferred birthday gift."  And it wouldn't be creepy or weird like Facebook knowing when we need to buy more diapers for our kids and bombarding us with disturbingly timely ads for pampers.  It would just be fun:

What is your favorite place to go on vacation? 
Which flavor of ice cream do you like best?

Which room in your house is least likely to drive you nuts if/when we go on lockdown again?

Good times, just like first grade.  

What burning questions do you want answers to?  Let us know in comments!

Until next time, wishing you good night, good luck, and good health!

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